We understand the importance of choices and customization options, especially when it comes to providing marketing materials to your clients. In hearing and seeing what folks want, we provide a way to choose between multiple templates, as well as the ability to control the colors that appear on the Flyers!

Flyer Template A  

Flyer Template B

Flyer Template C 

                      Flyer Template D  



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Editing Flyer Content

To make edits to the flyer, click Flyer Edit on the left menu. This page will reflect, by default, the first 7 images from your tour are used on the flyer as well as the Description Text from the tour (if provided). The images that are used will have a checkmark and will be greyed out. 

To change the selected images, all you have to do is drag-and-drop an image from the image bucket on the right directly onto the Flyer. You can drag-and-drop the images to change the order they appear in as well.